Connecting Professional Women

in Wellington and Saugeen Area

The Women of Wellington Saugeen Area began in September 2009 when women in the Town of Minto and Township of Wellington North came together to form a network that sought to support women in business. Since then, the group expanded to include the Township of Mapleton, Town of Hanover and Municipality of West Grey. During the Pandemic, like many of you, we took the opportunity to look at our network and how best to support women in business moving forward.

As of January 2022, we are pleased to announce that WOWSA is now a program of Saugeen Connects. The mission of Saugeen Connects is to collaborate and positively impact area economic growth, support youth retention and development, support growth and retention of businesses; and integrate efforts to leverage immigrant attraction to the area as residents, workers, entrepreneurs, business owners, operators, and investors. One of the key pillars of Saugeen Connects is Women and we all agree that this is a great decision for both WOWSA and Saugeen Connects. This partnership will see WOWSA expand further to support women in business in the Municipalities of Arran-Elderslie, Brockton and South Bruce as well as continuing to serve the existing region.

Our Mandate

The mandate of the Women of Wellington Saugeen Area is to give guidance and input related to business, by:

  • encouraging leadership and innovation.

  • facilitating networking and information exchange.

  • serving as a sounding board for ideas and actions.

  • offering events, workshops and seminars at a low cost.

Our Principles

Committee Members

  • Aly Cripps, Township of Mapleton

  • Barbara Hicks, Hicks Law / Hanover Chamber of Commerce Liaison

  • Lindsey Glazier, Municipality of West Grey

  • April Marshall, Economic Development Manager, Town of Hanover

  • Heather Reeves, Renew Life Therapies & Yoga, Mount Forest

  • Sharon Wenger, Coldwell Banker WIN Realty Mount Forest

  • Belinda Wick-Graham, Economic Development Manager, Town of Minto

Want to get involved? Send us a note!

  • We provide inclusive engagement. We engage business women in ways that cross promote and build shared understanding and empathy.

  • We value and celebrate the energy and capacity of the business community at the grassroots level.

  • We balance a commitment to dialogue that generates new understanding and builds relationships with advancing concrete plans and actions.